Is Your Boat Safe and Secure?

Keeping Your Boat Safe

Boating safely and the security of your vessel should be something you think about very carefully, whether on the water, in between outings, or when you are away. In particular, you need to be aware of your passengers’ safety, your boat’s security, your insurance policy, and recent boating laws changes. Below you find some helpful questions to consider to improve the safety and security of your vessel.


Do you boat with kids or pets on board?

Due to recent changes in Federal Law, many boaters must wear engine cut-off switches (ECOS). Consider a Bluetooth-enabled ECOS. It meets the law and allows you to move about your boat freely. Another plus is it is one more deterrent for thieves, as without the fab, it makes it harder to start the boat and drive off with it. Add additional fabs to the kids and pets on board, and an alarm will sound if they go overboard.

Do you have eyes on your boat at all times?

You may have your boat in storage, you may leave your boat after the end of the season, and almost all of us are away from our boats regularly. Know what is happening with your boat at all times and install a monitoring and tracking system for extra peace of mind. Choose a device that tracks your boat and has a geo-fence to be notified if your boat moves even a few feet. More and more insurance companies require it, and some will even give discounts. Many of these devices will also monitor critical systems such as battery levels or bilge pump operations.

When was the last time your boat had a safety inspection?

Some organizations will do this for free. For some, it was the last time the Coast Guard boarded the boat. Every vessel has a requirement to meet specific criteria. Upgrade that standard with electronic flares, EPIRBS, or an inflatable throw cushion; your family is worth it. Check your fire extinguishers; they may need to meet recent changes in the law. Annually service the onboard fire suppression system in your engine room professionally, or your insurance company may not pay your subsequent claim. Get management software or hire a boat management company to ensure your boat is safe and can perform preventative maintenance. A boat requirees more than gas and cleaning. Some of you may have companies to manage your home, pool or yard, so why not your boat?

interior of luxury motoryacht at sunset

Do you have expensive electronics?

Protect your investment. A single multifunctional screen on your boat is in the thousands of dollars. Consider vessel management software to track your electronics’ make, model and serial numbers. It will help if you need repairs and make complete reporting to insurance companies easier. The right software will also have the device’s documentation loaded for easier retrieval, and preventative maintenance schedules will help keep the software updated. Remember to install a password on your electronics; if it gets stolen, you will have some peace of mind that it will make it harder to use.

Where are your boat keys?

For many boat owners, it is on the boat! Make it harder for thieves. It sounds simple to lock your cabin doors and remove the keys from the boat. It would help to secure your lockers to keep your items safe. Lock your life control box and consider installing an alarm system on your boat. Installing cameras may not stop thieves, but it will help catch them. Think about vessels the same way you think about that expensive car in the garage; you have an antitheft device on your vehicle, so why not your boat? Chances are your boat is more costly than your car.

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