Crew Placement

Crew Interviews & Placement

Captain Bill has a wide network of crew members to ensure that your yacht experience is exactly as you planned. We conduct interviews with our trusted crew members & make sure the crew is perfect for your journey. Our expert team is on hand to guide you through every planning step so your vacation goes smoothly from the start.

To ensure that your luxury experience onboard is nothing short of exceptional, it’s important to have the right crew. We are fully committed and dedicated professionals who will do everything in our power for you. So spend your vacation in paradise and enjoy the view every day. Relax on a spacious deck with a cocktail while our professional crew takes care of all details for you, ensuring that this is one trip to remember!

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Life Onboard with our Crews

You deserve a vacation with total privacy and comfort. That’s why our crewed yacht charters offer the most discreet service in all of the luxury travel, while still attending to your needs unlike any other company can! We won’t intrude on you or any guests during this special time – just relaxation at its finest.

Your guests can enjoy themselves as much they want without feeling guilty about leaving behind their messes or needing anything else!

Imagine spending your summer holiday in style, aboard a luxury yacht. You’ll have all the freedom to explore new ports and territory with an experienced captain at hand to answer any questions you might have about charts or safety standards – not that there are many! Our professional crew will prepare delicious food for dinner each night while ensuring every cabin is spotless throughout the journey; it doesn’t get much better than this when taking advantage of our great deals today!

Crew Administration

With their experienced administrative team and crew managed by Captain Bill, owners can rest assured that your yacht will be in top condition at all times. Our professional staff ensures every crew member has valid certificates before they begin work on board; we also carry out pre-employment verification for you if required (at an additional cost). We administer salaries as well make travel arrangements when necessary – after all, it’s not just about keeping our clients happy but ensuring the safety & wellbeing of everyone involved!

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Your Passion, Your Lifestyle

We customize solutions to meet your needs to keep your ship-shape and always looking her best.