Live Blue Changes Their Name

We are all adventuring together, and to that end, the LiveBlue vision is to help you make more lasting memories that will enrich and impact their lives, changing them forever. We do this by combining diverse experiences, cutting-edge technology, a people-centered crew culture, and exceptional levels of efficiency.

Live Blue, the new company name, reflects this vision and symbolizes our commitment to understanding the stresses and needs of you our customers, by removing your anxiety and your worry about your boat or Yacht. 

The color blue, the core element of our logo, is most commonly associated with the ocean and its ability to create a soothing essence of health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. Blue also represents the LiveBlue core principles of knowledge, integrity, and professionalism to forge lasting relationships.

Make Your Experience of Ownership Seamless & Sensational

View on Realm boat in the Marina

Yacht Management

We offer everything you need: financial reporting; supervision during yard time – we’ll even drive around if necessary (or pay someone else)! You can rely upon us because our team understands how important it is that every detail is taken care of before releasing the boat back into the water.

I’ve been a yacht owner for many years and have seen firsthand how the responsibilities of ownership can be an unwelcome burden. It’s difficult to sustain, especially when you’re trying your best but still coming up short against other factors such as price tags or weather patterns that may dictate what kind of freedom we’ll experience in our lives at sea.

Live Blue services Naples & Marco Island so you can rest easy knowing that we have got it covered in this part of paradise!

Your Passion, Your Lifestyle

We customize solutions to meet your needs to keep your ship-shape and always looking her best.