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At LivBlue, we understand that your yacht is more than a vessel – it’s a statement of your lifestyle and a sanctuary that deserves meticulous attention and adept management. Our comprehensive suite of management services is crafted to ensure that your vessel is always in its prime, ready to take you on your next oceanic adventure with utmost perfection and ease.


 LivBlue – Your Guardian on the Waves! Our 24/7/365 boat monitoring system ensures your peace of mind, keeping a vigilant eye on your vessel whether you’re onboard or ashore. 

Your Nautical Dreams, Realized with LivBlue Yacht and Boat Sales


Charting Your Course to Nautical Ownership

Your maritime dreams set our course. We understand that buying or selling a boat is not just a transaction – it’s a milestone. Whether you’re casting off into new adventures with your very own vessel or passing the helm to the next captain, we’re here to ensure your journey is smooth and rewarding. Our dedicated team prioritizes your aspirations, providing a transparent, secure, and personalized experience in every boat and yacht transaction. With LivBlue, you’re not just navigating the waters; you’re steering towards new horizons with a trusted crew by your side.

Breakdowns Don’t Wait, Why Should You?

When your boat decides to take an unexpected pause, LivBlue ensures your adventures don’t have to! Connect, 24/7/365, instantaneously with our experienced mechanics via our on-demand video helpline or a swift phone call, ensuring you’re never left adrift.

LivBlue Your Premier Choice for Exquisite Yacht and Boat Charters

Sail Beyond the Ordinary, Where Every Horizon Promises a New Memory

Voyage into Elegance: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Nautical Luxuries

Navigate with us into a world where every wave tells a story, every breeze brings new experiences, and every sunset is a spectacle of your exclusive journey.

Whether it’s exploring hidden aquatic paradises, savoring gourmet delights mid-ocean, or celebrating life’s milestones amidst the serene embrace of the sea, we ensure that every moment spent with us is not just lived but cherished in a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury and heartfelt hospitality.

Experience Unparalleled Command with Advanced Yacht Management Software

Our innovative software effortlessly harmonizes every element of yacht oversight, presenting an elegant solution that blends state-of-the-art technology with an intuitive user interface. Tailored for owners, captains, and crew desiring only the best for their vessel, LivBlue simplifies the complex, ensuring all aspects, from documentation to operations, are but a breeze, always ensuring you are the true captain of your journey.

Set Sail with LivBue - Expert Yacht and Boat Captains at Your Service

Discover the Ocean Like Never Before with LivBue’s Exclusive Nautical Offerings

Ensuring Smooth Sailing on Every Voyage with Our Professional Maritime Services

As your premier provider of professional yacht and boat captains, we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled maritime experience, ensuring every journey across the blue expanse is safe, secure, and spectacular. Our seasoned captains, with their vast maritime expertise, are here to navigate you through serene coasts and dynamic ocean currents, promising adventures that linger in your memories.

Premium Offers When You Sell Your Vessel with LivBlue

Navigating through the sale of your boat or yacht has never been this effortless! At LivBlue, we elevate your selling experience by showcasing your vessel to a sea of eager buyers, ensuring it receives the premium offer it deserves. Our expert team manages every anchor of the process, from listing to closing, ensuring your journey with us is smooth and rewarding. Cast away the stress of selling and let LivBlue steer you towards successful and lucrative horizons.

LivBlue and Seas the Day with Unparalleled Boat Care

Ensuring Your Vessel is Always Clean and Voyage-Ready

Anchor in Assurance: Expert Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Vessel's Uninterrupted Journeys!

Imagine a boat that’s always ready to cruise, thanks to our meticulous cleanings. Dive into a boating experience where every detail is polished to perfection, from the interior spaces to the exterior surfaces. Our team doesn’t just clean; we enhance and protect with top-tier ceramic coatings, compounding, and waxing, ensuring a gleaming finish and durable protection against the harsh Florida elements. From the rich warmth of expertly cleaned teak to the assurance of full-scale restorations, we stand guard over your boat’s condition, ensuring smooth and splendid voyages ahead. Your journey, unburdened by maintenance concerns, begins with us!

Unlock Nautical Excellence with LivBlue Resources

Embark on a journey of knowledge and expertise with LivBlue, your beacon in the vast seas of yacht and boat management. Dive into our rich reservoir of resources, featuring enlightening blogs, expert-led training, and one-on-one consulting, designed to elevate your maritime experiences. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to sharing the wealth of their wisdom, guiding you through every wave and whisper of the ocean. Navigate, learn, and conquer the seas with resources that empower your voyages. LivBlue – Steering You Towards Informed and Inspired Sailing

Additional Concierge Services

Popular Boats

LivBlue Charters


Experience the luxury and comfort of a larger yacht in a smaller package specially tailored for high end, five-star service with premium amenities for a memorable experience.

From $1,950

42' 8"
8 Passengers
Naples Bay


A dual console with bow seating, cockpit lounge seats and a rear bench seat allowing you to bring all your friends. Small enough to pull up on the beaches but big enough to handle the open water.

From $960

10 passenger
Naples Bay

Piano Piano

A center console bay boat that is perfect for pulling up on the beach and cruising the waters from Naples to Marco. She is quick and nimble and great for the shallow waters of SWFL.

From $475

6 passenger
Naples Bay

Create Timeless Memories at Sea with LivBue Captains!

Choose LivBue and immerse yourself in moments that matter. Our expert captains take the helm, ensuring you can relish every second with your loved ones, exploring serene waters safely and creating unforgettable memories amidst the ocean’s embrace. With LivBue, your safety is our priority, your time is treasured, and your memories are crafted to perfection.