Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

With the help of virtual reality technology, you can create an innovative tour that will blow your client’s minds. You’ll be able to take them on a journey and show off all their favorite yacht features in one fell swoop!

Tourists can now virtually tour boats from the comfort of their homes! A lot more people are interested in exploring this way, so it is definitely worth looking into for your business.

While many boat brokers are still struggling with the transition from physical offices to virtual ones, technology has advanced far enough that you can virtually walk through a vessel and examine every detail. This is currently limited only to yachts but will soon become normal in most cases as well.

Why Chose Captain Bill’s 360° Virtual Tours?

Captain Bill is an experienced Digital Marketing, Photography, and Filmmaker who has years of knowledge to share with you. With his expertise in creating digital media content for businesses like yours, he can help tell your story by capturing life’s moments or showcasing it as part of a marketing strategy so that people know what they’re looking at when checking out these services!

We are the best at what we do. No matter how complex your project may be, Captain Bill’s team of skilled professionals can help make it happen!

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Virtual Tours

Selling your yacht or vessel or are you a Yacht Broker. Add a virtual tour to sell it fast.
Are you a Charter Yacht, offer your prospective guests a virtual tour and book more charters.

No matter what type of vessel you have, a virtual tour will help potential buyers get an idea of the lifestyle it offers. Whether they are interested in buying or just want more information about your current ownership options – adding this extra step can be worth all that time and effort!


Captain Bill is the perfect person to help you with your yacht and charter needs. Whether it be for yourself, or as a gift (or maybe just because you love boats), he will make sure that everything from photography shoots to end portraits looks stellar on paper!

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Captain Bill is a one-stop shop for all of your filming needs. Whether you’re looking to create professional videos, underwater photography, or just want some help with angles that are difficult on land – he can do it all!

Live Streaming

Why not live stream your next event? Streams are a great way to engage with participants, and Captain Bill does this too!

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We customize solutions to meet your needs to keep your ship-shape and always looking her best.