Vessel Electronics

Vessel Electronics

Captain Bill Yacht Management has been installing electronics in vessels for many years. Captain Bill’s years of hands-on experience & close relationships with various marine electronic manufacturers we get it done right the first time.

We currently support the following marine electronic manufacturers:

Captain of Commercial Fishing Ship Surrounded by Monitors and Screens Working with Sea Maps in his Cabin.

Captain Bill Yacht Management can also install full sound & lighting packages to ensure your vessel is ready for anything you want to do on the water.

Yacht Navigation

Remote control and receive information on the captain bridge. Ship intercom. The system of transmission of orders of the captain of the ship.

GPS/Chart plotters

GPS & chart plotters are what the boat operators use to see where he is in relation to landmarks and plot routes between them and a destination. This map is superimposed on a pre-installed chart or, if you have the optional detailed chart add-ons, it will be shown on top of this.

Electronic charts

Third-party chart cards may be loaded onto Chartplotters/Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) to provide additional information on the screen & charts. Satellite imagery, marina/harbor photos, detailed bathymetry, navigational aids, depth contour, and shading are just a few of the added features.

Control panel ship's radar map at the bridge.
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Multi-function displays (MFD)

A multi-use display, also known as an MFD, is a type of display that can be used for many purposes. These may be stand-alone systems or multiple displays linked together via cables or radio links. When linked, these displays share information and enable the user to switch between different screens for various applications.

The following features are controlled depending on the sort of MFD: Chart plotting, Sonar/FishFinder, Radar, XM satellite weather & radio, autopilot, thermal cameras, underwater lights, switches and controls, and even more.

Radar (Radio Assisted Detection and Ranging)

The radar on the chartplotter is a helpful instrument for day and nighttime navigation. In low visibility, radar can be quite useful in avoiding collisions as well as night travel. It’s also possible to track many objects at the same time to figure out their position, velocity, and distance. Tracking the weather and discovering birds that lead you to fish are among the other advantages of radar.

22' Triton 218 Bay Explorer

Infrared Cameras

Compared to night vision, Infrared doesn’t rely on visible light, making it possible to see in the dark. Infrared cameras are great for conditions with poor visibility, as they can pick up on warm objects and make them appear brighter. Additionally, this technology is often used for engine room monitoring.


The sound wave produced by a transducer to echo or “return” from the bottom is measured. This depth is then shown on a screen. There are several different types of depth finders available. Captain Bill Yacht management can recommend the best one for your vessel’s set up.

Garmin echo sounder.

Take The Guess Work Out Of Managing Your Yacht

Using our specially engineered software, we catalog and track all of your boat’s systems, equipment, spare parts, maintenance, repairs, warranties, documentation, usage, and more, so together, we can make informed decisions.

Vessel Communication

VHF Radios

VHF stands for Very High Frequency, and it refers to a radio system that uses standard International frequencies called channels. Shore/marina communications, emergency transmissions, and weather broadcast stations are just a few of the applications. VHF radios with Digital selective calling (DSC) can send an automatically formatted distress alert to the Coast Guard immediately.


Captain Bill Yacht Management carries & can install a wide variety of antennas. Some of which but not limited to: GPS, AM/FM, VHF, Sirius XM/Weather, AIS, and more.

Boat at the dock


AIS or Automatic Identification System is an automated tracking system that uses vessel-borne transponders to exchange positional and other data with nearby vessels or shore stations. It helps users avoid collisions by providing information on the location, course, and speed of other AIS-equipped vessels. There are three types of AIS: Class A, Class B, and Receive-Only.

SSB Radios Satellite Phones

SSB radios & satellite phones are designed to function well even in difficult environments. Its GPS satellite system instead of a reliance on a cell phone network allows it to be used to make calls from almost anywhere on the planet.

Remote control and receive information on the captain bridge. Ship intercom. The system of transmission of orders of the captain of the ship.
Boston Whaler 350 Relm Gisella Del Mar

WIFI antennas

WIFI antennas are external antenna that you connect to a router inside your vessel via an ethernet cord that can boost surrounding Wi-Fi signals. This allows the user to create a password-protected network from it.

Satellite Broadband is a satellite-based internet service that requires a monthly subscription with varying plans and rates. It provides users with the ability to make voice calls, send messages, view HD television, access social media & browse the web.

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